Edmonton, who came forward to help the Punjab girl in coma due to negligence of doctors in Canada

Edmonton – Edmonton residents have come forward to help the 4-year-old child in coma due to negligence of doctors in Canada, and they have launched a campaign to raise funds to help the family’s financial assistance. In fact, the four-year-old Amber Atwal had gone to coma during the treatment of tooth. Amber is recovering slowly but his family is still on the road to justice. They do not have money to fight against doctors. Edmonton residents want to help Amber’s family so that the victim family can get answers to their questions and get help.

These people have reached Ambar’s father Raman Atwal. The Atwal family sued 8 doctors of Dr. Mather and his staff and demanded $ 26.5 million for their losses. The family says that Amber is slowly recovering but she will never be able to live a healthy life. He must always have one person for his care. The family wants compensation for the future of the child so that she does not have to look further at someone’s hands. A charity dinner will be organized at the Maharaja Banquet Hall on June 14 under the fundraising campaign, which has been priced at $ 50.

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