sarbat khalsa jathedar Bhai Jagtar singh hwara ‘s massage to sikh panth

TWO GROUPS of Sikhs clashed at the Sikh Centre Gurudwara Frankfurt (Germany) on Sunday over a programme by Panth Preet Singh, a preacher from Punjab. Police had to intervene to protect the preacher when he was reciting his Katha (story of Sikh preaching) at the gurdwara.

The two groups included members of the Sikh Centre Gurudwara management and several Taxali (traditional thinking) leaders living in Germany and nearby European countries. Local leaders in Punjab said it was not the first time that Panth Preet faced opposition to his programme. The same thing had happened in Italy, too.

Panth Preet is considered anti-panthic by the Taxali leaders, who said he has been distorting the original preaching of the Sikh panth and they always wanted to have a debate with him to which Panth Preet never agreed, said a Sikh leader here.

One thought on “sarbat khalsa jathedar Bhai Jagtar singh hwara ‘s massage to sikh panth

  1. gurcharan dingh

    The tksaalis led the kaum to destruction in 1984.There wad no strategy nor a visible plan.But based on persinal ego.

    This same tksasl is now again causing violence anc stealing people turbans lije mahakaak dies in their corruotef sex book called ba shitter !

    This tksal has no business to be projecting itself falsely with fake history as the big protector of sikhi,which it is not.

    Over recent years the fake tksasl had been exposed as fake,thus it is resorting to goobdz gardi snd hooliganistic actions to intimidate people into accepting its say as final.It is nobody but a bunch of bhang consuming uneducated idiotic lsyabouts.

    This fake tksaal has never followed the panthic maryada nor in history they ever existed until the 1984 destruction.As such they have no say in sikh affairs,but they serm to think they have through violence

    So why are they suddenly causing so much trouble and violence?

    They want the sangats to remain in slaved zombie state.They want to bring in rituals and ensure they have control over the monies that sangats donate

    They are in pay of RSS ti infiltrate Sikhi and break the chains of the Gurus enlightened message and pysh Sikh people back into backward ritualised societ and brahmanise rhe faith enough to be declared hindus with long hair

    The Akak takhat shouuld act against the fake tksaal and shut it down


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