Arjun Singh Bhullar from Richmond, British Columbia (BC) of Canada once again honored the Punjabis.

Arjan Singh Bhullar from Richmond, British Columbia (BC) of Canada has once again lauded the Punjabis. In the Olympics, this player, who gets nominated for freestyle wreaths in the US, F. Was (Ultimate Fighting Championship). This championship competes against martial arts. Bhullar has given information about this on his Facebook page. He wrote on his Facebook page that he would lead maple leaf.



They are u F. Was 1.7 billion South Asian people will lead in Bhullar said he is enjoying this moment and understands the seriousness of this work and has started preparations for it. F. Was Bhullar is the first South Asian person to join. He has been a member of the Canadian Senior National Team for five years. During his membership, Canada won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games in 2007 and the Commonwealth Games gold medal in 2010. He has also been a member of Canada’s Olympic team in the Summer Games in 2012, and he was ranked 13th in the men’s 120kg freestyle resellers category. Bhullar was the first South Asian person to qualify for freestyle wrestling in Canada’s Olympic team. In 2009, she won the title of ‘Canadian Wrestler of the Year’.



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