Lessons taught by the girl who tried rape to Who will not be able to forget the whole life

Thiruvananthapuram: A 23-year-old girl on Friday night in Petah in the city cut off the limelight of a man trying to rape her house. Police said on Saturday that the 54-year-old man living in an ashram in Kerala was taken to the Government Medical Hospital here in critical condition. The hospital said in a statement that the person’s emergency surgery was conducted and her condition is stable. Police said that the girl said in her complaint that the accused had been familiar with her family for the past few years and she is torturing her when she was younger.

According to the complaint, she always used to visit the girl’s house and she used to harass her when she comes. It said that when she tried to rape on Friday night, the girl opposed her and cut her pen with a knife. A senior official said that a case has been registered against persons under various provisions of Sexual Violence Act (Pokko) and section 376 (punishment for rape) of Indian Penal Code. She said that no case has been registered against the girl. Police refused to give details of the case and said that the investigation was going on and said that the investigation was going on. There, Kerala Chief Minister Vijay Nagar described the girl as brave while handing this step of the girl.

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