Robbers carry weapons into the gurdwara, then rob them on the tip of the gun in UP

Robbers carry weapons into the gurdwara, then rob them on the tip of the gun
Last night, under the Thana Behat of Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, a dozen armed bandits entered a gurdwara through the roof and made a siege to the sleeping glands and their families on the strength of the gun. After the hostage of the gland and his family, the scoundre went missing from the cash of Rs 45,000 and the donation and kidnapping of gold, silver and silver jewelery. There is resentment in Sikh society about this incident.

Additional Superintendent of Police Prabal Pratap Singh said that on Friday night at half past one and a half pm, a dozen more armed bandits, who were sleeping inside the cattle camp, in Sardar Charan Singh, Atar Singh and Surdar Singh, in Gurudare near Mohalla Premnagar, near village Bhagwala on Shukumbhari Devi road The family of Vijay Singh lodged a hostage on the strength of the gun, and for an hour, the incident of robbery, 45 thousand Rupee cash, gold-silver jewelery and kidnapping of donkeys and mobile robbery escaped. Singh said that the gangsters stopped everyone in the room while terrorizing the arms and escaped from the roof after the incident. Have become. After the miscreants went out, the families of some kind of noise came out of the cattle and raised the noise and gathered the surrounding people and informed the police station about the incident. When the information was received, the police reached the spot and searched for the miscreants in the entire area. However, the police failed to find the miscreants. On the other hand, there has been anger in the Sikh community about this incident. The Sikh community in the district has demanded to disclose the incident to the police.

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