Shoes hurled at SAD leader Bikram Singh Majithia the Former minister and former MLA from Majitha

Bikram Majithia Muradabad, Bisku smuggler Murdabad, white trader Muradabad’s Akash Gunjau slogans
Amritsar / Jandiala Guru 20 May (Ram Saranjit Singh): – Former minister and former MLA from Majitha, Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia, who used to speak his tunes to his native town at that time, for nearly ten years. It was difficult to escape the life of the people, whereas people in the presence of ADGP Mr. Rohit Chaudhary gave raindrops to Majithia’s vehicle and his vehicle Plant sky gujau slogans gherake merchant white muradabada, Bikram Majithia muradabada.

According to the information received by ADGP Mr. Rohit Chaudhary had called a “consciousness gathering” in Majitha town where the Congress leaders of Majitha did not arrive, but former minister and Akali MLA Bikram Singh Majithia, his associate Atari Former MLA Gulzar Singh Ranike and his personal assistant Talwinder Singh Gill reached this gathering unopposed because the Congress incharge of the Congress was hopeful of Congress Mr. sukhajidararaja Singh Lalli were in the area but they were not included in the meeting. When he reached the Majitha Palace like Majitha on Fatehgarh Churian Road, he was asked to sit on the stage because the AL MLA asked him to sit on the stage, as a constituency MLA. D.G. P. Temple, which is a meeting against white kingpin you have put on stage. There was a delay in saying that the people sitting in the market started recreating Akram Ganguay slogans of Bikram Majithia Murdabad, Binka smuggler Murdabad and white trader Moradabad. To save Majitha and her accomplices, the police had to make a lot of work and the DSP had found itself stuck but the people were not stopped. People came out from among them to come out and started raising slogans. The police officer had to say to the Minister and his colleagues, that he had called a meeting for the purpose could be accomplished. When Majithia and his accomplices were evacuated in the police sleet, people broke the horses of the police and plunged the roof of the Majithia vehicle, but police managed to drive the people very hard and put Majithia’s vehicle on the highway. It Majithia and his partner arrived at the house in Amritsar avoid anger. A person named Kundan Singh Majithia had long kept in jail • The sword of time Majithia narrow children.
While the people were having a quadruple of narcotics during Majithia’s time, Majithia was facing two such oppositions, where people were drinking too much. During the last nearly 10 years, Bikram Singh Majithia has been opposed to the people of the Majitha for the first time and those people who did not refuse to call Majithia to be called Bapu today, he was also giving a compliment to the Majithia against Ganda Gala.
When asked by Congress leader Sukhjinder Raj Singh Lali, he said that he had nothing to do with this incident and it was a public meeting in which the leaders of any political party were not known and no one called. Was gone. He said that Bikram Majithia planted ten years that he deposes racking. He said that they received when the information that are opposed to some Bikram they will be saved Bikram. He said that whatever they did was done with a scarf and whenever any action would be taken, the laws would be done in a democratic way.
Bikram Singh Majithia, on the other hand, said that he was attacked under a conspiracy and he had called the police administration in the event of being the MLA of the constituency and the Congress wanted to kill him. He said that he only came to the police officer for the allegations made by the Congressmen of Akali Dal. But the Congress has done a lot of crime which is a murder of democracy.
The significance of the Majithia police station chief
Majithia’s police chief also got the impression when he was saving the Majithia from the crowd but Majithia took out his anger at the police station. He said that you have done ASHAH. What do you know about how to work? Thanedadar replied in the affirmative, saying that the police are the Rankar police station. Siparis are also the chief of the police station in your state. Thing heard Bikram Majithia was convinced that they could not answer any questions the inspector ”



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