The Deputy Commissioner sought the city’s residents to make city green

In order to revive the city, once again,
The Deputy Commissioner sought the city’s residents to make city green
Amritsar, May 20 (Bharatsandesh news) – In the past, the district administration has made a lot of efforts to fill the huge harvest of trees during the widening of the widening of the roads in the city of Amritsar in this rainy season. The long standing meeting between the Deputy Commissioner Under the leadership of Kamaldeep Singh Sangha, the District Council was in the hall.

Focused on the issue of road-side trees and keeping the city clean and in-place, representatives of the city’s renowned social activists, representatives of NGOs and officials of government departments connected with this work joined the meeting. In the meeting, use of earth, air and water with the exercise of self-control and discussion was taken to keep it clean and healthy.

Addressing the meeting Sangha said that if the residents of the city have been cut off due to new roads in the city, they will be able to complete this season. He said that even though roadside trees have been planted in the past, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of trees, so only trees can be kept alive. On this occasion, all the representatives of the delegation took this issue seriously and urged the farmers to make them aware of this. Mr. Deepak Babbar said that the farmers were doing their own harm as this, due to which the depleting power of the land is declining, the fields are burning trees and the insects of the farmers are dying.
On this occasion Assistant Commissioner Mr. Vikas Hira, Mr. Deepak Babar from Mission Office, Mr. Naveen Sharma, Mr. Sulekha Mehra, Mr. RD Sharma, Brij Mohan Sharma, Prof Volia, Arya Samaj from Desh Bandhu Dhiman, Indrajit Arya, Mr. Nimpa to Gursharan Babbar, Representatives of Indu Arora, Rajeev Duggal, Ajay Kapoor, Sunil Kapoor and other organizations were present from the Voice of Amritsar. All those members suggested the Deputy Commissioner where the maintenance of trees, assured them that they would beat the city by cooperating with the Administration in planting trees.
Deputy Commissioner, addressing the meeting at Caption-Jilla Parishad Hall. Kamaldeep Singh Sangha

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