Yes I can generate electricity’ from scrapped Rs 500 note -A 17-year-old science student from Odisha

Months after the drastic overnight demonetisation decision left millions of people scrambling for cash across the nation, a 17-year-old science student from Odisha’s Nuapada district has devised a technique that potentially qualifies as one of the most innovative methods to put scrapped notes to good use.

Lachman Dundi, a student of Khariar College, has claimed that he can produce up to five volts of electricity from an old Rs 500 note.

“I used the silicon coating on the note to create energy. I tore up the note so that the coating is visible, which I exposed to direct sunlight. The silicon plate has to be connected to a transformer with an electric wire. This can help generate electricity,” Dundi told Times of India.

According to the report, the invention by the boy has now caught the attention of the PMO which has directed the state science and technology department to submit a report regarding the project.

The PMO, on April 12, wrote to the state government to verify Dundi’s claim. On May 17, the Odisha government directed the department concerned to study Dundi’s project and a send a report to the PMO.


“Following demonetisation, I tried to discover the best possible way of using the banned notes. I tore up a note and found the silicon plate. From there, I started my research and succeeded in producing electricity,” he added.

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