The small effort of these two brothers has changed the lives of 30,000 farmers

Amritsar – Two brothers from abroad have taken several important steps to improve the condition of the farmers. The result of their efforts is that today farmers are selling online by selling their crops in the right way and in the right way. This commencement begins from Subedar Major Balkar Singh Sidhu, who, after retirement in 2008, decided to cultivate his native village located in Amritsar. On returning to village, owner of 40 acres of land, Balkar Singh, found that small farmers were upset about the atrocities of the middle class. Due to non-debt, many farmers embraced death. In order to fight for the rights of farmers, he was made president of Kisan Sangharsh Committee Amritsar and Tarn Taran. In those days, his software engineer Prabh Pal Singh was abroad. He always listened to his mother’s father’s farming experiences. In his life, he got a new turn in 2014 when he heard that a farmer protesting on the railway track after demands for 3 days in his father’s care led to death Done. After this incident, he decided to support his father. In this, his companion Harjap Singh, his relative brother, had done what he used to do before going abroad.
The two brothers made an effort to find out the problems and causes of farmers by visiting India for one and a half years. After this, they concluded that 2 reasons are responsible for the poor condition of the farmers. The first reason was that the farmers could not determine the value of their crops due to lack of direct contact with the consumers. The second reason was the lack of storage. Because of this, they were forced to sell their croppersons / agents. Together they formed a team of 20 people who went to small villages and told about connecting panchayats and farmers with direct users.
Due to these efforts, 30 thousand farmers have joined them. In August 2016, he launched the website to see the success of the efforts, which connect the farmers directly to the consumers. Now the users and the farmers do business directly by contacting each other. According to holy singh, pardoning debts or giving multiple facilities is not a solution to the problems of the farmers. Farmers are ready to pay a lot due to hard work. They just need the right price for their production. Anyone visiting this website can get information on

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