Haryana Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee President Jagdish Singh Jhinda statement made against Jathedars


Haryana Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee President Jagdish Singh Jhinda has taken up the flag against the Jathedars. He said that the main objective of ardas after coming to Harimandir Sahib is to announce the struggle for the restoration of the free identity of the Jathedars of the throne. 

Jhinda today accompanied one Singhs to Guru Ram Dass after attending a langar hall and on arriving at Akal Takht Jhinda said that as the Takht Sahiban Jathedars are being used to get political advantage, these incidents have become a cause for concern for the Sikh religion. Under this huge conspiracy, a trick to eradicate the greatness of Sikhism and Sikhism is going on.

He said that Sri Akal Takht was established so that the politics remained under the rule of religion, but today’s people came to grips with the principles laid down by Guru Hargobind ji and to maintain their chair; Have dominated religion. Jhinda said that before a state before Badal, if any Sikh leader used to say a word of conspiracy against the jathedars, he would have been a traitor to the Sikh community. However, Badal issued false false orders from the jathedars in his greed for his chair, hence in the minds of the Sikhs There is an angry mob against the Jathedars.

Jhinda wrote a letter to the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee and appealed that the Jathedars of Sri Akal Takht and other Takhts have already passed a resolution to maintain the unique Sikh identity of the Sikh community. If a SGPC does not fulfill its duty, then a major struggle will be launched against the committee. As long as the SGPC does not accept the Singh Sahibans as an independent supreme entity, the struggle will continue.

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