See this man killed the woman and posted it on Facebook

Ludhiana: A heart-attacking incident has occurred in the Qila Raipur village near Dehlon in Ludhiana district. Where a young person made a video of a woman in a ruthlessly murdering a woman in front of the village day by day and the video was uploaded on social media. When the incident was reported, the police arrived at Dehlon Police Station. After the investigation, the body was taken into custody and sent to postmortem. The deceased woman has been identified as Sarabjit Kaur. Not only this, the murderer, the young man, accurately told his verdict while accusing the woman’s character in the video.

After this viral video of the murder was viral, the police came under the attack, killing the killer Amarinder Mandi, but the police is telling the other reason for the murder. It is being told that the killer youth Kabaddi player has also been there. The sensation has spread after the video is viral and every person watching the video is confused by seeing this drunken manor.

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