Rupon accused Gill of sexual harassment allegations II The first woman to register the case under section 509 and 354 is Rupon

All the pieces of KPS Gill mentioned by Rupon Deol Bajaj
Rupon accused Gill of sexual harassment allegations
The first woman to register the case under section 509 and 354 is Rupon
On July 18, 1988, Gill had molested in a party: Rupon Deol
Case run in court for 17 years and 9 days


KPS Gill, a former DGP of Punjab, popularly known as the supercop, ran a full name at the end of the 1980’s. They had full rights for the elimination of terrorism. But in the meantime, they also surrounded the disputes. On Gill, an IAS woman officer Rupon Deol Bajaj was charged with molestation of liquor and also sentenced to death in the case. Of course, his sentence had been reduced, the penalty was reduced and the jail was not sent, but the name of the Punjab Police chief started to blur, because the court had convicted them.


Rupan Deol Bajaj narrated the last episode with the interaction with an international media organization. He said that in 1988 he was working as the Special Finance Secretary. KPS Gill was then the DGP of Punjab.

According to Rupon Deol Bajaj, a party was organized by the Home Secretary. KPS Gill was also present in the presence of guests present in this party. Rupon said, “KPS Gill called me and said that I want to talk to you. He pointed to me with my finger and said stand up and walk with me. I said Mr. Gill. You’re misbehaving with me. ”

Rupon said, “When we were together, they hit me behind me. I did not see this as normal. I looked very strange. My self-estrangement was hurt and I was feeling very humiliated. ”

After this, Rupon Deol Bajaj made up his mind that he would be punished by the conviction of the tampered with him. The matter reached the court. The trial court allowed the case to go casual and cold. But the Supreme Court took the matter seriously. The Supreme Court said this matter can not be dismissed as a minor.
Roopan Deol Bajaj says that it took 17 years to prove Gill guilty and punish him. During the hearing of the case he was present and during this period his husband also lived with them.

At the same time, Roopan says his fight was not against KPS Gill, but that was about the bad thinking. Rupan believes that people are saying that crime against women is increasing, but it is not. The matter seems to be more so because women have started complaining about crimes, which result in cases being reported and people feel that atrocities against women have increased.

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