CRPF Former officer of Tejinder Dhillon has left Canada to avoid possible arrest

Toronto: India’s paramilitary force CRPF Former officer of Tejinder Dhillon was stopped from entering Canada in the last week (May 23), but due to pressure from the Government of India, the Government of Canada gave him a visa and air ticket. According to reports received from the Ontario Court, to avoid possible arrest, CRPF Former officer of Tejinder Dhillon has left Canada.

After the analysis of Tejinder Dhillon’s tenure in the hearing on May 29, Dhillon was said to have been present in court during the court proceedings. After the decision to not hold an Ontario court hearing in the absence of Dhillon, Sikh Freedom Justice legal counsel Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said it was a joke with the law. It was being ensured that the introduction of the slack in court proceedings was compulsory.

Pannun said that under the Right to Information Act, Tejinder Dhillon will be asked to leave for admission to Canada. He had filed a lawsuit against Tejinder Dhillon under Canadian law. According to this law, anyone who has also committed human rights outside of Canada can be prosecuted in Canada.

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