you may be surprised if you know some secret about air hostesses.

As soon as the name of the air hostess is heard, the idea of ​​the beautiful girls welcoming the travelers in the flight is what has played the role of a friend with the passengers in the flight. This profile is always seen in association with fashion and glamor. There are more challenges than the amount of money in this profession. They are prepared in every way to deal with these challenges. Through this report, you may be surprised if you know some secret about air hostesses.

Millennium – Celery – Air Hostess’s salary starts up to 4 lakh annually in a year. As the experience grows, the celery increases accordingly.

Able to deliver a child – Air hostesses can easily deliver a pregnant woman in any emergency situation during the trip. They are trained especially at training. Recently a Turkish Airways’ air hostess delivered premier delivery and the incident had a lot of headlines.


Fitness Maintenance Essentials – For the air hostess, it is important that they keep their fitness maintenance. They are not allowed to increase the burden. In case of weight gain, the airline gives 1 month advancement. During this, we have to lose weight, otherwise we may be removed from duty for a few days and then in the ‘Weight Management Program’ or in the Ground Duty. Ground duty accords do not provide flight allowance for air hostesses per month.

Questions are asked before the flight – AirHostes has to go through briefing with senior cabinet members before going on every flight. In the meantime, they are asked a medical and two emergency questions. Air hostesses are allowed to go on the flight only after responding properly.

In forest-desert too, life hostesses are designed to live life in all sorts of situations during life training. They are also expert in making food from home-building in forests and desert.

The blur on the face makes trouble- Air hostesses have to always take care of their face look. It is strictly governed by airline companies that there should not be any stains or axes on the face. Many airline firms abroad lose money on pay due to poor visibility.

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