notice issued to the SGPC through lawyer Maninder Singh Randhawa

In the matter of land purchase of 2.17 million bought by the S.G.P.C at Anandpur Sahib without any required Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925, Baldev Singh Sirsa, President of the Public Welfare Justice Welfare Society, issued notice to the SGPC through lawyer Maninder Singh Randhawa. sent.

In the notice, there has been a demand for action against 19 accused, including former chairman of the committee, Avtar Singh Makkar in two months. The organization warned that in the event of non-operation, the matter will be taken up with the Sikh Gurdwara Judicial Commission. It notes the current President Pro: is sent in the name of Kirpal Singh bandugar.

Sirsa said that due to Sehajdhari case the High Court had stayed the General House elected through the September 2011 election. Therefore, the SGPC appealed in the Supreme Court and sought a stay against the order of the High Court, but the Supreme Court did not give the stay and, according to the Gurdwara Act, only the first 2010 was given the authority to do daily chores.

For this reason, the present-daying committee had no right to use funds for Dharam Prachar Committee under Article 109 of the Gurdwara Act, but without buying it, they purchased land at Anandpur Sahib which has three rooms which are 50 years old There are no commercial activities due to this land being half a kilometer from the road. He argued that if this place was to be set up by an SGPC, then the SGPC could have used twenty thousand acres of land already in Anandpur Sahib.

Sirsa informed that in accordance with the Gurdwara Act, 1925, the rules of SGPC, it is necessary to write the contract before spending any substantial amount, but for the first time, a contract was written on the purchase of a personal property at the cost of Rs. 70 lacs for the first time. Nor was the second time when spending a whopping amount of 27 million, which is a great pity and a sign of forgery. The market value of this land is not more than 50 million.

After sending legal notice to the SGPC, Sirsa has demanded that the committee reject the number 699 dated December 16, 2011 through which the land has been purchased incorrectly, the accused has been arrested in the notice, the other four, including the secretary SGPC, Dilmag Singh, 19 others The accused are those who have plundered the guru’s guru by consulting, to get 2 crore rupees with 18 percent interest and one crore fines and working for them for five years. And should be restricted.

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