The complete man was ‘Puran Singh’, still remembering the time II Birthday special

Chandigarh: On June 4, 1904, in the village of Rajewal (Rohuno) in Ludhiana district, Ramji Das was born to his mother and father, mother Mahitab Kaur, in the house of Ramji Das, the messiah of the poor, needy and orphans all over the world. That Ramji Das grew up and became Bhagat Puran Singh.

With the founding of the Pingalwara organization, Bhagat Ji gave innumerable innocents ‘their home’. Bhagat Puran Singh was the founder of eminent social worker, thinker, energetic lover and Sarv Pinkywara Society, Amritsar. Bhagat ji was also a professor of English and English languages, and also a writer. Bhagat Puran Singh started writing on issues such as environment, pollution, hunger, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.

Even today, the literature written by Bhagat ji is distributed free by Pingalwara Organization. Bhagat did not just talk about planting trees, but in reality it was also shown. He is well remembered in Punjab and in North India due to his establishment of Pingalwara in Amritsar and for unlimited service of Pingle and orphans throughout life.

Bhai Sahib was given Padma Shri Aaraj by the Indian government in exchange for the service of humanity, but Bhagat ji returned the award as a protest against the 1984 Operation Bluestar. The whole family of Pingalwara is celebrating Bhagat Puran Singh’s birth anniversary today. While presenting the humanitarian ritual to the entire human being, ABP shared Bhagat Puran Singh Ji presents a special documentary prepared by Harasharan Kaur on the occasion of birth anniversary.

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