When Sandeep Kaur and Baljeet Kaur along with Singhs took Bitta out of the fields, including Z security

When Sandeep Kaur and Baljeet Kaur along with Singhs took Bitta out of the fields, including Z security
July 31, 2007
When we turned back from the main road of Chandigarh to the road leading to Burail Jail, we saw that the road leading to Barrack has been closed. There were some auto-rickshaws in the open field along the road, of which we saw Bibi Baljeet Kaur on the threshold of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara. We also go there and stand there. Things were centered on Burail Jail Singhs. Then the topic of the conversation roamed around Bhopu Bitta, Delhi, yesterday. Bitta is already on the target of disillusionment with each struggling party, as the person who is always a stutter from the state by making statements about the fighters fighting against the system, but the illusion of being the power of the state and the state’s Z-plus In the drug addicts, he may have been deluded by being a “special thing”.

As we stand there, other Panthic personalities have started moving there. Bhai Gurjeet Singh Kadoo, Bhai Sahib, Bhai Mohkam Singh, Bhai Narain Singh Chaura, Bhai Kanwar Singh Dhami Gurtej Singh, S. S. Surinder Pal Singh, Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema, Bhai Manjeet Singh Bhoma and a large number of Singh reached Singh At the same time, we received a number of calls from Maninderjit Singh Bitta’s TV. The statement about Sirsa’s hypocritical deeder is coming that it is the second (Bhandranwala) deeder (hypocritical), and it should be stopped.
Till the comparison of the great Sikh general of the twentieth century with a rape dredger, the intention and cleverness of all the Bitta’s sordid pieces was clearly visible, which was a rubbing of salt on the wounds of all the panthic people present there. Sandeep Kaur said that the administration has forwarded only blood relations to the parties related to the case before these barriers, but if the Bitta is allowed to go ahead then we will oppose and we will go ahead too.

Bhai Karnail Singh Peermohammad talked to a police officer present at the same time. The officer assured that no one other than blood relatives would be allowed to move forward.

So far the media has started reaching. Ranjit Singh passed the main barricade along with the journalists and reached the jail’s main door. TV The channel’s journalists had fitted the cameras in front of the jail’s main door, but more than the journalists were from the police. The police had dogs, which might have been to sniff any potential danger.
Shortly after we stood there, there was a storm in the journalists. Journalists fled to the main barricade and main police nakas at the end of Burail Jail. A journalist was saying loudly, “Where are you, lady girls?”

When we saw instantly, Sandeep Kaur and Baljeet Kaur from the distance went on a rampage with police guards. We also grew up. A TV ran away The journalist was saying- “The sound system was stagger …”
The second said, “Let’s not talk …”
At first, I thought that the decision about the closed Singhs in Burail Jail was being done, so these women were pushing the police barricades in their emotions and emotions, but when I surrounded the police by encroaching them in a Gypsy If you see the scenes of being offered, then all understood. Bitta was like a shock. When we went further, then Sandeep Kaur and Baljeet Kaur, along with two other women, had come to the front of the Bitta Gypsy, when we heard Bitta- “Chhaaa Deh ….”
But the driver did not follow the BTE’s directive and swept the Gypsy faster by turning left and he raced strongly. With this, Gypsy went to the clay pile on the left hand side and then proceeded with the speed of the speed that four people escorted and climbed on a clay pile. After this, another journalist came forward to get the gypsy break, and in such a short time, these RH Bharpur Singhs, Gypsy also broke glass. Bitta was too dreadful and his security commando too, but soon the police released the Bitta and the Gypsy ran full speed. None of these four Singhis carried the stones on Gypsy, but now its commandos have not even chased them.
In this run-down, an old journalist fell on the road and after a long time he picked up from there. Now even before these three or four Singhs, the security guards along with the media were obstructed by the security guards, but they were still struggling to encroach the bits and shouting. The police officers removed the rigid barricades rigged on the right side of Burail Jail’s main door and expelled the Bitta towards the fields along Gypsy. We came face to face with the difficulty, Done.
At the same time, the remaining Panthic gatherings also went ahead by breaking the main head and the attention of the police force was also shared. All Panthic personalities also reached the prison’s main door, but the journalists’ cameras were focused on these four Singhs. According to what Sandeep Kaur later said, Sandeep Kaur and Baljeet Kaur were standing behind a little while, when one of them cried out, ‘Why is Bitta being allowed to go?’ Then he saw that the first Naka was passed violently. Then immediately Sandeep Kaur and Baljeet Kaur proceeded and stopped and in the swiftly clash, the security of the Bitta became even wired and In the meantime, two women, who came with Bhai Kanwar Singh Dhami, also reached the spot. Then, when the clash of police took the Bitta safely, he again showed his hand on the chest and said, ‘I am going … if you have courage then stop it ….’ Along with this trembling trembling, the Bitta also made a mistake as a police gypsy crystal, and she also had to flee to the fields in disgrace.
One conclusion was that all the Panthic parties reached the prison’s main door, but the Bitta was not able to stand there.
Some time later Advocate S. Amar Singh Chahal and Arvind Thakur came to know about the execution of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara and Bhai Balwant Singh, and sentenced them to life imprisonment, the journalists should immediately note the Panthic reaction to the Panthic Jail The door was adjacent to the door. It was possible only by the help of these four Singhs.
Undoubtedly, these Singhs have given a caveat to Delhi’s Dalal Bitta’s anti-Sikh militant fugitives that he will never dare to come near any Panthic gathering and make anti-Sikh rhetoric.
Baljit Singh Khalsa
Chief Editor ‘Challenge’

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