In-laws did wrong daily with daughter-in-law II The mother-in-law taught the lesson that the world was created

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – There is no right to end one’s life and, especially in the name of honor, when such killings are administered, the matter becomes even more serious. But in Pakistan a ‘rare case of honor killing’ has emerged, knowing which of these times you will probably be respected. In Pakistan, a woman killed her father-in-law in the absence of her military son. The incident is from the village of Shangla in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Begum Bibi, who did the execution of this murder, said that she killed her husband Gulbar Khan because she did not respect relations and families. In Pakistan’s newspapers, there is a remarkable discussion about Killing Killing. People are saying that for the sake of a false ambition, it is not known how many murders it was for the first time that someone has taken up arms for the sake of true zeal.

Begum Bibi claimed that her husband had been sexually exploiting Dow for the last three months. He was having sex with her. The victim’s daughter’s husband is posted in Frontier Corps. After the case, the husband of the victim said that she knew about her father’s actions and the plight of the wife but because of her respect for her parents she did not say anything but she told her mother that she returned from the training Come home after coming. Police said that when Khan was asleep, his wife opened fire with the help of his daughter-in-law. The police introduced Begum and her daughter-in-law to the court, from where they were sent to judicial custody.

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