Three youths escaped from taking away one lakh rupees a day

About 11 o’clock in the morning this morning, about three unknown youths got the news of a million rupees taken from a motor near village Majari. According to information collected by the police station Sohan Singh Jalandhar, Jagmeetar Singh son Babu Singh Kom Jatt had taken one lakh rupees from Majri HDFC Bank’s Back branch. Instead of going to his home village Majri, the farmer Kulwant Singh resident of Barmalipur went to the motor and started running his scooter and started breaking the amber. At the same time, a motorcycle and three unidentified youth came, who were bound to face, who escaped with cash. At that time, DSPD Amarjit Singh, DSP Pail Rachpal Singh Dhindsa, SHO Payal Karamjit Singh Grewal and other investigating employees went to the spot and reviewed the incident. Thanedar Sohan Singh said that by registering unclaimed persons and witnesses about this incident

Further proceedings have started. Pile is looking for the police and the CCTV cameras at various places have been disturbing. It is also astonishing that one lakh rupees was withdrawn from the bank from Jagmeetar Mann road, about two acres away from the motor and ambans to go where this incident took place. The police are investigating themselves.

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