Punjab Vidhan Sabha Session First Day II

~ Punjab Vidhan Sabha Session First Day  ~

★ A few minutes before the session began, Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh came to the House.

★ went to the opposition batch and met the Akali Dal MLAs before, many Akali MLAs also used the Captain’s foothills.

Capt Amarinder also met his MLAs
Sukhbir Badal came inside the House and met Congress MLAs sitting on the bench.

★ As the House begins, Speaker paid tribute to departed souls in the past.

★ K PS When Gill was named, the Akali legislators started standing in their seats to oppose the tribute.

★ Akali MLAs walked out of the House after a few noisy attempts.

★ Akali Dal’s partner BJP MLAs kept silent, did not stand up to loud noise, nor did they support Akali Dal in a walkout.

★ Aam Aadmi Party MLA Sitting quietly in his seats while paying tribute to VKS Gill, he did not protest.

★ Health Minister Brahm Mahendra requested the Speaker to pay homage to KPS Gill, who was able to hear the sound of loud noise.

★ After paying tribute to KPS Gill by the Speaker, Simarjit Bains stood up in his seat and started to oppose him.

★ If the speaker ignored Bains’s protest, both Bains brothers also went out of the House on the issue.

★ AAP MLA Sukhpal Khaira also stood up and said that he also opposed paying homage to KPS Gill but Leader of the Opposition HS Phoolka remained silent even though.

★ Khaira also regretted the Akalis’ walkout that the Akali Dal had given big names to KPS Gill’s close associates and again, with which mouth are they now opposing.
MLA MLA Baljinder Kaur also demanded to pay homage to the farmers who have committed suicide so far, the Chief Minister said that in favor of paying homage to the farmers, she said that in favor of paying homage to the farmers.

★ Accepting the demand of paying tributes to the farmers who have committed suicide, the speakers included their names.
At the same time, Navjot Singh Sidhu stood up and demanded that the tribals should be paid tribute to those who died due to drug abuse, after which many journalists and MLAs were also heard after doing this.

★ House proceedings have been adjourned until 10 o’clock on Thursday morning.

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