Wrestling between the old man and the young

The methods and timing of the people of the current Punjabi society have not been fixed. Members of a household go to different types of work at different times. Everybody arranges food according to their convenience. On the contrary, in ancient Punjab, there was a great deal of food time. Earlier, the majority of Punjab was dependent on agriculture. Even if someone used to do other jobs, it was a perennial time for that time. The farmer of Punjab went to the farm three or four in the morning. The hairs of the house were used to make milk sourcing, running chillies, and dirty spoilage. This time it is still known as Spoofs, Litter Spit, Chicken Spit, or Big Stroke. Nowadays, only a rare person wakes up. At this time, the Punjabi people used to drink half-churns of powdered (yogurt, lassi, butter, mixing).

1. in the morning
In the morning, a worker’s wintry work was paid in the field after sunlight. At this time, the pickle of masala bread, lassi chaati, butter, cheese, grind, mango, lemon, dale, gelal or quar was used. By changing the time, all this has changed; now instead of lassi, instead of tea and roasted bread, Paradise has bought it. It was difficult to work in a cold and dry bread. Six times was enough to cover a person’s liver or to wander around. Today’s breakfast or break fast change is just a variation of the time. The very traditional tradition of the times of Punjabi life is now disappearing. When she came out of the house, her sister’s heart filled herself with excitement when she passed through the fields full of green fields. Due to small things, the woman could lighten her body and mind. This was the reason that even after brushing the body breaking, even the gloom of the peasant life was not visible. Kiranan came home full-time in full swing.

2. In the afternoon
Lunch in the village could be eaten at any time from twelve o’clock to two o’clock. This time the bread was with the vegetables. Bread and pulse were chopped with good soil intake. Sweet food was eaten as a sweet dish after eating the meal. Sometimes, after being delighted by the rainy season, the woman’s hare could also make herd or herd. Rather, Kheer’s importance was in the month of Saab.

Savan Khair did not eat
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3. afternoon
When the afternoon was empty, the granite went back to the farm. She did not have the greed to rest or sleep. Or, for entertaining the mind, he used to spend two moments in a well below his neck. After three o’clock in the evening, when the stomach was asking for something, the farm worker used to eat corn in the fields by making maize beans, sugarcane, mouthpiece, or papaya holes. Whatever was eaten in the fields used to eat raw ripe garbage, carrots, basins, sprouts, etc.. He was not worried about digestion. Today’s long time is done with baked bread, tea and afternoon breads.

4. The evening time
The time of the evening meal is not very precise. Whenever the family members were away from the fields of farm work or home fodder fenugreek, the food was eaten. At this time there were knot, pudding, citric acid or cottage cheese. Even on good cold days evening, dal could also be used for vegetables. There is more work force in the wheat harvest or in the month of month. At this time the workers were served sugar, or they were served with sugarcane. After the bread, the curry milk was mixed with curry milk. In the new Punjabi society, there is also a surprising change in food and drink like the rest of life. Now villagers also use dining tables. At the wedding, now Marati does not eat chairs but eat tables at tables and enjoy stedding T. Among the food ingredients, nowadays, Ladu, Jalebi has replaced various types of vegetables, rice and whole grains. The dong system has replaced the food utensils, bottles and dish, instead of the dish. Earlier, this tradition was practiced by Punjabi people, but nowadays, they like this behavior more. Now, Punjabi people get married without any interruption or stranglehold on marriage, no one wants to ask, in the plates of food, food is eaten purely and full of food. One drunken jat is drawn to three drops of Dahi Bundi Raghi. The rural people gathered at the time of heavy loads are now shouting so loudly.

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