America’s first city in which the mother tongue Punjabi received recognition

WASHINGTON: America’s first city in which the mother tongue Punjabi received recognition. The name of this city is Connecticut. Proof of recognition of Punjabi is the board of ‘welcome’ in the Punjabi language at all the welcoming places in the city of Norwich. These boards have been installed in the city permanently.

In the coming time, Punjabi Language Swapping Bodies will be installed in every street of the city. Swaranjeet Singh himself has designed this board written in Punjabi language. Giving the place of all the languages ​​in the board, he has tried to spread the message of the communal harmony of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This achievement will be given to the entire Sikh community in Norwich, including Sikh youth Swaranjeet Singh Khalsa, who received the FBI Director of Community Leadership Award in Washington. Goes. Swaranjeet Singh has also appealed to the Sikh community in the United States that for all the cities living in the country, efforts should be made to give recognition to their mother tongue and they can contact Swaranjeet Singh for any assistance. Simranjit Singh, a recipient of Outstanding Community Award, is a member of the Norwich City Planning Commission, a member of the Narwich Area College Association and member of the International Sikh Sevak Society
By giving important places to Punjabi in the board, some words are written in Arabic, Chinese, English and other languages ​​too. It is said on the board that Punjabi is the national language of the Sikhs. At the same time, the website has been told about the people interested in learning about Sikhism. To give recognition to the Punjabi language in the city, the Sikh community has appointed Mayor Dub Hilno and City Council member H. Special thanks to TuckerBrandak
Born in Punjab and studying in America, Swarajjit Singh is always active and active in the United States for the sake of the Sikh community. The Punjabi language has got recognition in Canada’s Surrey and Vancouver cities earlier

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