reply to christian lady by two singh’s II must watch the video and share

To mislead the Sikh, the devotion of the word of Gurbani by an elder Bibi
Even though the worst enemy is already running its own agenda to end the Sikh religion, but apart from this, a new issue that expresses the awkwardness of the ideology of the Christian faith Which proves that now those who claim to believe in Christ are now trying to deceive the Sikh by following the spirit of RSS! The issue came out on Monday through social media when a Christian Bibi made his video and gave a response to the person named Paramjit Singh Akali for his question. It is to be said that Paramjit Singh Akali had some comments and questions about Bhagwan Isa Masih before the last few days, who objected to the matter, the Christian scholar had registered a case against the young man and arrested him. Responding to Paramjit Singh’s remarks, this lady said that the Bible has proved above the Guru Granth Sahib in the video, that I do not give a reply to the person like you, in your Holy Scripture, and that I have a permissible order from the Bible Respond to a person like you and I will answer you in the Guru Granth Sahib. In the above mentioned Bibi Guru Granth Sahib, ‘Our Father, our Lord, The person is reading a lot of things, including Baba, etc. and, by his own meaning, he is saying that all this is recorded for Christ and that is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ! On this video running on the social media, the Sikh youth is protesting against the lady, where there are strong comments being made, there is a demand that the Jathedar and the Panthic leaders of Takhta have immediately acted promptly to the woman and instigated religious feelings. Having! Besides, the question of the Sikh youth being questioned is that all the laws have been made to stop the Sikh community only.

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