woman in the city of Amritsar,who guards the most dangerous bird eagle.

Amritsar, (Sumit Khanna) – To protect the animals and birds, many organizations work in the society, but a woman in the city of Amritsar, who guards the most dangerous bird bazz. Often everyone is afraid of this dangerous bird, but these women work to protect them. This woman named Ranjit Kaur has devoted her life to the safety of the eagles.

In fact, this bird is on the verge of disappearance in our country and the reason for its disappearance in North India is China Door, due to which its wings are cut and killed. This woman takes the injured waffles to her house and treats them. Her husband is a lawyer and four years ago, a husband had come to a case in which he was forced to defend the bird, after which he came forward to defend himself. Not only this, he has so much love with these eagles that he carries them with his own hands. These hats also eat their hands.  this lady says that Guru Gobind Singh always was an idiot with the Maharaj. So this bird has a religious belief, and it is our duty to defend it. It is a bird that does not leave anybody who believes in someone. He is keeping these hawks with them. Now these hawks have started to understand him and he has given them names. So far, he has cured 6 holes and has left them in the woods, the hawk he has with him can not fly yet and he is kept in an independent place. These 4 hawks are his life now. There he demands the government and the administration to shut down the China Door to save these birds.
Ranjit Kaur’s lawyer’s husband says that he believes in the tenth father Shri Guru Gobind Singh Mahraj and so he has named his son’s name as well. They have made different rooms for these hawks and now the world is that when they go somewhere, they go for a short period so that they do not do anything wrong with them.

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