This thief, stealing the wealth of the rich, was given the permission of the poor.

This thief, stealing the wealth of the rich, was given the permission of the poor sons
Delhi Police has arrested Robin Hood of a real life who steals in the Pat colonies of Delhi but divides the thievery to the poor. He used to get the marriage of poor girls in his village and get health camps with the thief’s money. At the same time he was living a livable life. The 5th Failure, the young man is Irfan, who is currently in the Delhi Police’s Chulbul. He has 12 cases of thefts stolen in the police record. He loves to ride expensive cars and have expensive watches. On July 6, when the police team arrested Irfan from his village, he had stolen the stolen clock, which he had stolen from a bungalow in New Friends Colony.


Police say that Irrfan is a very shrewd thief but with the stolen money in the cities, he gets married to poor girls in the village and also provides health camps. In the village, he appears in the curling pajamas and cupboards in a maroon look. The people of the village were not convinced when one of Irfan, who had got the image of the Messiah in the village, was taken to the police. Even some people have opposed his arrest. The character of the accused was also that, like the character Bunty-Babli’s character Bunty, he was alone and barefoot, because he feared that he could be caught with the sound of boots and slippers. According to Delhi Police, last year, he had executed millions of theft in Maharani Bagh of New Friends Colony.

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