I apologize to all the Sikh Sangat And the black prince- Sachin Ahuja

Sat Sri Akal! I want to request you at all the feet that I and my family are not anti-Sikhs. There is a tremendous respect for our religion. My father Charanjit Ahuja has worked for Punjabi music throughout his life and Even today, we all are doing the same thing. In my musical career, my father has recorded many works related to Sikh history. I have done this as soon as I got the opportunity. There is no religious discrimination in our family. It is true that we have given the songs of Punjabi song music! Whatever suit I made, I apologize to all the Sangat by adding a handful of hand without any help. I did not write because of any racist racism or religious opposition. What I wanted to say was that my words were wrong, so my comment could have been more meaningful, but please do not paint this thing that I am learning Sikhism, how can I make an inscrude? I can be predictable but I am not a Hugiz. I can not learn against Sikhi or against a film made on Sikh history, nor can I go against our brothers like you, I should say the same. In the end, once again I apologize to the entire Sangat with my hand from the whole Sikh world. I am also in favor of this unique movie “Black Prince” made on Sikh history, like your stories.
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