The killer game II The 14-year-old boy gave his life in the wake of the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ in Mumbai II share max.

Mumbai: The 14-year-old boy gave his life in the wake of the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ task of the Internet’s dangerous suction game. The friends of Manpreet, who lives in Mumbai’s Andheri East, told that he was playing ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ before he died. His last photo was sitting on the fifth floor, in which he jumps into the wheel of completing the task. Manpreet has posted a caption on the photo that soon you will have only one photo for me. While playing this exciting game for Suicide, 130 people have sacrificed their lives so far this year. Mumbai Police say that many families are in concern after the incident

Manpreet was a student of class XII. In the investigation, it was found that he had searched the Internet before launching a jump, how to apply a jump from the roof. He did this search 2 days before the death, he told his friends on Friday that he would not attend school on Monday.

Manpreet sat there for about 20 minutes before talking with his friends before talking about jumping on Saturday and talked about suicide. He told his friends that he was about to go to Russia soon. There he is a secret group who is playing a game with him. Before Suceide, she was standing on the ceiling and sent several photos to her friends at the WATSP. Seeing him standing on the terrace a man in front of the house tried to stop him but he did not believe and jumped up. The Blue Whale Game has been in a lot of discussion recently, in this game 50 tasks have to be done in 50 days. The last assignment of the game is to create a self-waving selfie video, so far this game has caused many deaths in Russia.

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