born in the Muslim family and caught the path of Sikhi II Jagdeep Singh Jachak

Mandi Lakkhawali (Sukhpal Dhillon): On one side there are many people born in Sikh families, but they have turned away from Sikhism and have forgotten the sacrifices of their Gurus, but there are some people on the other side. In spite of being non Sikh, they are determined to see and promote Sikhi in Chad Di Kala and they are fulfilling their faith. Such a better example comes from Jagdeep Singh Jagga, who was born in Akhtar Khandan  of the Muslim family and caught the path of Sikhi. Born in village Takht Malana in the house of Mata Sita’s father, Babu Khani Shauki, in 1965, Jagdeep Jagga, who was born at village Takht Malana, was a victim of Sikhism in childhood. He was only 12 when his family came to the village of Chak Bir and settled down permanently. In 1987, Jagga made his Dhadi jatha and after receiving the rituals of khande bate, Guru dhan Singh was decorated. Jagga has removed many religious cassets in which Khalsa dearly loved sons, let go of men and women of pandemic pain etc are quite convinced.
Akhtar dynasty is dedicated to music
Where Jagdeep Singh Jagga’s father, Dr. Babu Khan was a shocking singer, Jagga’s uncle, insect Khan, was also a singer. The late singer Dilshad Akhtar was the son of Jagga’s uncle and singer Manpreet Akhtar, the daughter of the uncle. Singer Akshar Jagga’s brother was the brother of the boy who died due to cancer. If seen, Akhtar is associated with the clan music. Both Jagga’s sons are Nazamjit and Kasamjeet is a Gur Sikh and both have strong vocals.

Respect was met but the economic situation was not good
Jagdeep Singh Zachak said that many stages have been honored so far but financially neither government nor any Sikh organization or social service organization helped him while he has 52 of his life. Years have accumulated Sikhi and connected to music.

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