The responsibility of Mindhi Gandhi’s killing for Gurjot Garcha and Ravi Sarpanch

Chandigarh, August 21, 2017:

Ravi Sarpanch Group has taken over the responsibility of the murder of Rupinder Gandhi’s brother Manvinder Minda, who shot dead in Khanna near Khanna in his own fields on Sunday morning.

When the police ccv to resolve this case Gurjat Garcha has been exposed by the Ravi Sarpanch Group, who is trying to reach the bottom of the case by looking for the footage of the case. He said that he and Rinda Sandhu are in the role of this murder, not anyone else.


Gurjot Garcha has threatened directly to those who mistreat the Manwinder’s assassination in his Facebook status and threatened to put them in his Nant Kumment box. But despite this, many supporters of Rupinder Gandhi and Manvinder Minda were quitting Against him are challenging.

It is to be mentioned that Khwajke village sarpanch Rajwinder Singh alias Ravi was shot by four armed men on February 21, in Gill Garden Marriage Palace on Malerkotla Road in Ludhiana when he came to participate in a wedding function. Had happened.


Accepting responsibility on my Facebook account, the post that Gurjat Gacha has written on the Facebook book is as follows.

‘I want to tell all this that this is a cause of death, it is my role and my brother Rinder Sandhu’s role. No one else has any hands in this.

Rinda is a friend of those friends who are born a mother At the same time, I would request the police to not be treated with any of my friend’s friends. The reason that the first leaflet I was given was totally illegal by the police. She was an illegitimate sheet that did not let me go back to normal life. I do not want someone to be like me with my son.

The reason for killing the minister was that he used his name till date or grandfather’s name or friend used to know it all. This man also brought president of tuition to president for a free-of-charge providentiary. It did not think about which route I was giving to someone’s children.

On the day when an accidentally shot by Ravi Bai, they also made a false shout when they shot to the masses. The fact is that they also ran away on the firing while fleeing the black habit.

If someone suffers the death of a term, he can get a message here. He will also meet soon.

Juban Fateh, Jahan Fateh, Har Maidan Fateh (Ravi Sarpanch)


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