Saturday, 18th Bhaadon (Samvat 549 Nanakshahi) Page : 474

If a servant performs service, while being vain and argumentative, he may talk as much as he wants, but he shall not be pleasing to his Master. But if he eliminates his self-conceit and then performs service, he shall be honored. O Nanak, if he merges with the one with whom he is attached, his attachment becomes acceptable. || 1 || SECOND MEHL: Whatever is in the mind, comes forth; spoken words by themselves are just wind. He sows seeds of poison, and demands Ambrosial Nectar. Behold — what justice is this? || 2 || SECOND MEHL: Friendship with a fool never works out right. As he knows, he acts; behold, and see that it is so. One thing can be absorbed into another thing, but duality keeps them apart. No one can issue commands to the Lord Master; offer instead humble prayers. Practicing falsehood, only falsehood is obtained. O Nanak, through the Lord’s Praise, one blossoms forth. || 3 || SECOND MEHL: Friendship with a fool, and love with a pompous person, are like lines drawn in water, leaving no trace or mark. || 4 || SECOND MEHL: If a fool does a job, he cannot do it right. Even if he does something right, he does the next thing wrong. || 5 || PAUREE: If a servant, performing service, obeys the Will of his Master, his honor increases, and he receives double his wages. But if he claims to be equal to his Master, he earns his Master’s displeasure. He loses his entire salary, and is also beaten on his face with shoes. Let us all celebrate Him, from whom we receive our nourishment. O Nanak, no one can issue commands to the Lord Master; let us offer prayers instead. || 22 ||

Saturday, 18th Bhaadon (Samvat 549 Nanakshahi) Page : 474

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