Grandmother Kamlesh Kaur murdered her 22-Days-old girl Mandeep Kaur II Read Full News

Chandigarh: On one side, where the woman has proved that she is not behind men in any work, on the other hand there is still no change in the thinking of the girls of the other side. Still, people do not want to be a girl. This has led to a heart -breaking case in Barnala town. Grandmother Kamlesh Kaur murdered her 22-Days-old girl Mandeep Kaur.

About the killing of the girl, the leader of the party Harpal Inder Singh Rahi said that he had lodged a complaint with the police seeking first in the case of the missing girl. But when the girl did not get the girl, a needle of needy came home. After examining the house, the body of the girl found in the bed. After inquiries, it was found that Kamlesh Kaur, the daughter’s grandmother had killed her in the bed.

Barnala City DSP Rajesh Chhibber said that the grandfather of the girl, Manjeet Kaur had registered a case against her husband Kamlesh Kaur, under section 302. He said that grandfather had come to know that his family threw his grandchild to death and threw him into the house bed. DSP said that this was because the grandmother had two girls and her daughter had two girls. Due to this, he was murdered by the girls.
The accused, Kamlesh Kaur, said that there were lonely girls in our house. Sadly, due to being a girl in our family, she slept in her house by hanging her granddaughter in bed.

Pritpal Singh, father of the deceased’s child, sustained the house by selling spectacles and other belongings in fairs. In this work, his younger brother also gave his hand. It was Pritpal Singh’s first child. While his brother is still a virgin. At the time when the incident took place, both the brothers had also gone out of the house to work.

It is also said that the death of a child can be the result of collusion of family members. Kamlesh took over the responsibility to kill the girl. But the real picture of it will be only after investigation that who else was responsible after the death of the girl.

The idea of ​​killing a girl is found only in the poor, but also in the rich. The methods of killing a girl can be different but the intention is the same. The big question here is why even today the community girls are not accepting. Why people feel insecure when the girl is born at home. Only the family responsible for the killing of girls or the current management of the society is also responsible. Who give the girl honor and equal opportunities.

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