Truth of RSS II In The Time Of The Fake News II the last artical of Gauri Lankesh II

Gauri Lankesh is the name of the newspaper. This 16-page newspaper goes out every week. It has a value of Rs 15. The September 13 issue was final, which was edited by Gauri Lankesh. Their editorial written for this has proved to be last. Famous journalist Ravish Kumar translated his last editive to Hindi with the help of a friend. Thanks to Ravi Kumar, it was possible for the readers to read Kannada that can not be read.


We have translated it to Punjabi readers. Reading this, it is clear that the writing of this distinguished journalist, who was writing in Kannada, was about to be known. Gauri used to write a column called ‘Kanda Hage’ in each issue. Kanda Hage means the way I saw it. His editorial appeared on the third page of the newspaper. This time editorial was on Fake News and the title was ‘In the fiction news era’

In The Time Of The Fake News

In this week’s issue my friend Dr. Vasu has written about the factory of making Fake News in India like Goisles. These false factories mostly run by Modi Bhagat. I will try to explain the damage to the factory of falsehood in my editorial. There was still Ganesh Chaturthi at the time. On that day a lie was spread in the social media. The people of the spreading union were. What was this lie?

The lie is that the Karnataka government will say where Ganesh idol’s idol is to be installed there, one million will be deposited before it, the height of the statue will be so, the government will have to get permission, where the people of other religions live, Can not take water from the water. They can not run firecrackers. The people of the Sangh spread the lie. These lies spread so much that in the end, Karnataka Police Chief RK Dutta was called to a press conference and it was to be clarified that the government did not make any such rules. It’s all false.

When we tried to find out the source of this lie, he arrived, on a website. This website belongs to fanatical Hindutvaists. Its work is spread by social media through the making of Fake News. On 11th August, a heading was placed on this website in the Taliban government in Karnataka. Trying to spread lies in the whole state with the help of this heading. People of the Sangh also succeeded in it. People who are angry with Siddaramaiva’s government for some reason. Those people made their Fake News their weapon. The most surprising and sad thing is that even people thought it well without thinking about it. Did not use your ears, nose, and brain

Last week when the court sentenced Ram Rahim to a rape case, Baba was sentenced to death, many photographs of BJP leaders started getting viral on social media. This video shows the video on the photos of BJP MLAs of Haryana, besides Modi, along with this shocking Baba. The BJP and the Sangh Parivar became disturbed. To counter it, the image of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan sitting in front of Gurmeet Baba was viral. This photo was photographed. In the original picture, Congress leader Omnam Chandi is sitting, but his body was placed on the head of Vijayan, and the people of the Sangh spread it to the social media. Thankfully, this method of organization has not succeeded because some people immediately took out the original photos and presented the truth in the social media.

In fact, there was no one to stop or expose the National News Communique’s Fake News Propaganda until last year. Now many people have been involved in this kind of work, which is a good thing. Earlier this kind of Fake News used to go on, but now Fake News as well as real news has started and people are also reading. For example, on August 15, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech from the Red Fort, an analysis of his on August 17 became very viral. Dhruv Rathi analyzed her. Dhruv Rathi is like a college boy in the field of watching, but he has been exposing Modi’s lies to the social media over the last several months. Earlier this video was visible to people like us, not reaching the common man, but on 17th August, the video reached more than 100,000 people in a day. (Gauri Lankesh often used to write basilia bosiya to Modi, which means that whenever the mouth opens, the lie will speak).

Dhruv Rathi said that the government of ‘Basil Batiya’ said in the Rajya Sabha a month ago that there were 33 lakh new taxpayers. Before that, Finance Minister Jaitley had said that 91 lakh new tax-payers would join. In the end, the Economic Survey said that only 5,40,000 new taxpayers are connected, what is true in this, the same question Dhruv Rathi has taken in his video. Today’s mainstream media continues to spread the figures of the BJP and the BJP on the basis of the people of the Vedas. The spoken language of the government for the mainstream media has become the Salok. Those who have TV channels, they are ten steps ahead of this work.

For example, when Ramnath Kovind took oath as the President, many English TV channels reported that on the day that President Kovind’s total number of followers in Twitter has been increased to 30 lakh in just one hour. They screamed that it has increased by three million, to three million more. Their purpose was to tell how many people are supporting Kovind. Many TV channels have now become like the team of the RSS. Work of union While the truth was that on that day, President Pranab Mukherjee’s government account became the new president’s name. When this change happens, then the Rashtravadi Bhavan’s forerunner is now known as Kovind’s forefather

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