Nihang Singh raped 80-year-old elderly woman II SHOCKING NEWS

Kurali (Batala): An 80-year-old woman in a nearby Prartha Aastha Institute located on the Chandigarh-Kharar road received news of being abandoned by unknown person, which has caused tremendous incidents of intimidation. In this regard Bhai Shamsher Singh Padiala, Chief Manager of Prabh Asha Sansthan and Bibi Rajinder Kaur Padiala said that the 80-year-old woman escaped leaving a person late at night at the institution’s gate. Talking about this, the elderly woman said that she is a resident of Mohalla Shimlapuri, Ludhiana and she got out of the house four to five days before she was suffering from the house. Meanwhile, he met Ram Singh at the Nihang Singh Bus Stand Ludhiana, which took him to a Gurdwara with him, where he physically assimilated him in a room.
During this time, the Nihang took him home and took her to a relative where both the families and relatives expelled both of them. Meanwhile, Nihaੰਗg rape him several times with him. The victim said with a full heart that Nihang was absconding after leaving her at the gate of the nearby Prastha Asra institution at around 12.30. The elder demanded that strict action should be taken against the accused so that such vandalized people with other forced women could not push them. Talking about this, Bhai Shamsher Singh Padiala said that a complaint has been sent to the police station Kurali police regarding the incident so that appropriate action could be taken by the victim and the victim could be given justice.

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