A legal battle has been won by a Sikh family to wear Patka their child’s school wear

Melbourne: A legal battle has been won to send a Sikh family to wear their child’s school wear. They had to do this because a Christian school was refused admission due to their 5-year-old child being torn into school.

Siddak Singh Arora had his early education started from Milton Christian College (MCC) this year. But there was no place in the school uniform for his lease. The school’s policy is that no student is allowed to wear a religious thing on the head.

Sagardeep Singh Arora and his wife Amarante said that the school violated the Equal Opportunity Act for all of the time when his son Siddak had tried to get admission due to wearing patki in 2016.

They made a legal plea and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruled in favor of parents. The tribunal acknowledged that the school was discriminated against.

VCAT member Julie Ginger decided that the school could not refuse to accept admission on the basis of someone’s non-Christian faith. Gregor also ordered the school to change its uniform policy. However, they should meet the parents of the parents and the school and come to a solution.

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