Rape with 40 children daily, kidnapping 1 child every six minutes in INDIA

Nowadays, children are not safe outside, not at school nor their safety at home. Child sexual abuse spread like pandemic in India. If you look at statistics, 1 in 4 girls and one in 6 boys every year is already sexually exploited.
Research shows that 90 percent of people who behave negatively with children are people of the family. There are incidents of rape in 40 children in India every day, while 48 children are victims of bad behavior or harassment. In this episode, only 10 children are trafficking-human trafficking. These children are pushed towards prostitution or child labor. Every six minutes a child from a corner disappears.
To protect children from being victim of violence, it is very important not to leave them alone in the presence of an unknown person, and also to keep in mind that if the child comes home to a neighbor or a relative, the child is not afraid. If so, then you stand in your child’s custody. Keep an alert with the children at home, at the park, school, most of the hunters keep track of these places and make their own prey.
Keep a constant eye on the silence and behavior of children, if some changes show, do not ignore it. Most of the sexually exploited people are close. If a child complains, keep an eye on those close relatives, not to be unreasonable. 1 child out of 7 victims of Child Abuse is aged 5 or under. By being small, 10 percent of the 40 percent of children under the age of 6 have the courage to tell someone big about bad or harassed.This happens with some rape victims. In his brain, it is already sitting that if someone tells something, it will be defective or will not be trusted.The main reason for the growing number of accidents with children is that discussion in sex and sexuality in India is reduced. If a child wishes to tell about such an incident that has happened to him, then the fear of reproach attempts to suppress the family. However, it is necessary to create a friendly environment at home and if someone tries to exploit your child, then support your child and try to take strong action against the accused.

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