The sarpanch has done wrong action against the dancer

A village chief has been accused of shooting a dancer. According to the information, her daughter’s wedding ceremony, Patna Kumar, in the Bihar capital, Patna, entered the changing room and started molesting a dancer. When the dancer protested, the chief shot him dead after being angry . After this, a seriously injured dancer was admitted to the hospital. The police has registered the case on the basis of the dancer’s earnings. After entering the changing room in Patna in Bihar’s capital, the village’s chief has froze the dancer with bullets. There is panic in the area after the incident. In fact, the orchestra was running in a wedding program in the Khant Panchayat area. During this time, when the clothes were changing in a dancer changing room, the chief entered and started compromising. When the dancer opposed it, the bakhlaya chief shot him.

In the changing room was doing tampering
Dancer told the police that in the statement given to the police, Mukhya Panku Kumar forced into my changing room and started taking obscene actions with me. I was telling him to go out but he was constantly irresponsing. He was trying to touch my clothes and me. On my refusal, he got flicked and shot pistol with pocket.

Enter the case on Dancer’s complaint

As soon as the bullet hit the dancer, he started falling down on the ground. After listening to the bullet, the villagers went inside and went to the hospital. After primary treatment, the doctors have referred him to medical college, where his condition remains serious. On the complaint of Dancer, the police has registered a complaint against the accused chief.

Orchestra team from Jharkhand came from

According to the information, the daughter of the head of the Khant Panchayat area was married. There was a procession in which Nimacha Batani came out. The orchestral program was kept at the wedding. For this, a dancer from Jharkhand’s Hatia came to perform. When the entire village was busy in the marriage program. Taking advantage of the same, the chief was executing this scathing incident by entering the room in the changing of the Pinku Dancer.

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